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Colchicum x agrippinum

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13th September 2014

One of the best tesselated Colchicum for the garden. As with so many things, mine was planted entirely by accident. I was walking cheerfully through the AGS show in Exeter and suddenly I had bought a bulb. There had been no intention to buy a Colchicum beforehand and no notion as to what to do with it at the time. Subsequently it has been very successful in the snowdrop bed. It reminds me that the earliest snowdrops will have started to grow - time to stop digging and poking around in the soil. It reminds me that the Colchicum 'Waterlily' will soon be appearing under the trees and if I want to do a final mow before they appear, it must be done NOW.
So, it is a very useful plant in the garden and I appreciate it as the first obvious sign of autumn.

4th September 2020

It is an easy-going plant, found in Greece and the adjacent parts of Turkey. It is now thought to be a hybrid between C. autumnale and C. variegatum.