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Disa (Kewensis x Kewensis)

From a plant breeding point of view, it is always my instinct to self pollinate a hybrid to get the F2 generation, which is where all the exciting stuff happens. I am always amazed that orchid breeders don't seem to do it but endlessly fiddle about with new first F1 hybrids. I suppose that commercially they need uniformity while I prefer diversity.
On that basis, self pollinating D. Kewensis seems the only sensible step, but I have several clones of D. Kewensis available so I have used a couple of them.
These hybrids are D. Kewensis 'Red' x D. Kewensis 'Yellow'. The first few seedlings are surprisingly similar - I am mildly frustrated.

6th July 2016

Clone 1.

6th July 2016

Clone 2.

29th June 2017

Clone 3.