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Disa (tripetaloides x Reheat)

Archive entry 07.07.13
Archive entry 19.08.18

I have been looking for multi-flowered small hybrids in a range of colours, and this hybrid made a good show.
The D. Reheat used is just an unnamed seedling of the grex that I bought.

27th July 2013

A first flowering of my own hybrid, so it gets a mention here even though it is nothing special to look at. Much like a pink Disa Watsonii with plenty of smallish flowers on a stem. In this case, not a particularly strong or upright stem.
It is interesting because D. Reheat is a hybrid of D.cardinalis, so this is 50% D.tripetaloides and 25% D.cardinalis (the remaining 25% is the usual run of endless generations of D.uniflora slowly obscuring a distant D.racemosa ancestry).
Interesting because I don't have D.cardinalis to work with. I had a small one, but it decided it didn't like me enough to continue the battle for life. D. Reheat is as close as I get.

6th July 2017

I have raised a number of seedlings, all of them have looked rather like this. So far I have kept three (and I think all the others have flowered now).

13th July 2017

Clone 1.
This was an obvious "keeper" with good shaped flowers clustered on the stem. However it was the pale stripe down the centre of the lower tepals that made it unique. It showed on all of the flowers on both flower spikes so I think it is a stable pattern not just a developmental accident.

13th July 2017

Clone 2.
A nice pink one from the group. I liked the shape of the individual flowers and it produced a good number of stems.

13th July 2017

Clone 3.
The third one to catch my eye. Pretty and I think it was the palest of them. I liked them all but decided that I only needed to keep three.