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Disa tripetaloides x Reheat

Archive entry 07.07.13

27th July 2013

A first flowering of my own hybrid, so it gets a mention here even though it is nothing special to look at. Much like a pink Disa Watsonii with plenty of smallish flowers on a stem. In this case, not a particularly strong or upright stem.
It is interesting because D. Reheat is a hybrid of D.cardinalis, so this is 50% D.tripetaloides and 25% D.cardinalis (the remaining 25% is the usual run of endless generations of D.uniflora slowly obscuring a distant D.racemosa ancestry).
Interesting because I don't have D.cardinalis to work with. I had a small one, but it decided it didn't like me enough to continue the battle for life. D. Reheat is as close as I get.