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Lachenalia 'Namakwa'

Archive entry 21.01.10

3rd March 2007

A modern hybrid from South Africa. A well tested hybrid that has performed well here, but there is something of the academic consensus about its appearance. It remains an excellent plant, but the rather foolish spelling of 'Namakwa', though it might once have been innovative, has become a tired old cliche that speaks of a marketing consultant who has run out of ideas.

23rd March 2007

23rd March 2008

21st January 2010

It has been vigorous and tolerant, flowering here in the middle of a long hard freeze, protected only by a sheet of black plastic.

9th March 2017

24th February 2021

One of the early hybrids raised by the South African Agricultural Research Council breeding program. I bought it in a garden centre for £4.99 in 2002 when it was first being promoted.