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Nerine 'Blanchefleur'

Archive entry 26.10.14

17th October 2010

A pure white selection of N.sarniensis.

5th November 2013

White Nerine are different in the sense that the flowering time differs by a few weeks, the height varies a little and the number of flowers in the head can vary. Some might say that the individual flowers differ in their shape.
It is probably all true, but a white Nerine is a white Nerine. Every breeder since Alexander the Great (why would you call anybody great unless they bred Nerine ?) has named a white cultivar to satisfy their curiosity. I wonder how many have felt the need to name any more?
If someone raises a plant with a flower the size of a nun's head then it deserves to be named as long as it has a strong enough neck - nobody needs another nodding nun!
(And if you were still wondering, I write this nonsense when I have spent and hour researching a cultivar and found nothing of any significance. )

14th October 2014

24th October 2015