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Nerine 'Mother of Pearl'

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20th November 2009

This is rather famously a white flowered cultivar, or rather, this isn't. I have three stocks of the plant. The first is a screaming scarlet form of Nerine sarniensis. It is exciting, it is robust, it is a priceless addition to the autumn scene. It is everything except 'Mother of Pearl'.
This is the second form with pale orange coruscating (sparkly) flowers which is also wonderful and also wrong.
The third one is a fat bulb that shines like a silverskin onion, and which I hope will finally be the right thing.

16th October 2013

There was a day when the bud had swelled enough for me to be confident that it was white. I was filled with joy that bubbled up into sound. In the village they thought I was killing a pig.

9th October 2014