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Nerine peersii Too Blue

Archive entry 01.10.17

7th October 2015

I like to have more than one clone of the Nerine species. It isn't sensible, because I am always short of space, but it hasn't stopped me yet. N. peersii is part of the big mish-mash that is slowly becoming N. humilis and when I was offered a second clone I didn't hesitate.
So far, so sensible.
This is it, a beautiful little thing. It is a darker salmon pink than my first clone with broader tepals and a less extreme flower shape. When the first flowers opened I was entirely happy with it, distinct from my original clone but clearly a doodle from the same notebook.
I didn't start to ask questions until the flowers aged and they developed pronounced blue tinges. It is not something I was expecting and although it might be perfectly normal I am left wondering if there might be some N. sarniensis genes in there somewhere. Perhaps time and experience will calm my concerns.
For now, it is just a little too blue.