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Nerine pudica Pink Form

3rd October 2015

I have been worried about this plant since I got it. The leaves are large and glaucous and not right. however, I don't know the species very well and it is always interesting to see what comes up.
This is the answer, and it confirms that the plant is not a form of N. pudica. This is N. sarniensis and although it seems wrong to say, it is a dull one.

12th October 2015

I was looking at pot with the sort of weary ennui that flows from a label with a big promise that fails to deliver, when I noticed a second flower scape emerging from a cluster of stunted looking leaves beside the main bulb.
I was astonished when this flower opened. This is the real N. pudica. I'm not sure I would describe is as the pink form, but it is delightful and I'm not going to waste any energy on the trivial details.