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Nerine 'Stephanie'

31st October 2010

A mid pink selection of N. sarniensis that was probably raised by Robert Stephenson Clarke at Borde Hill. It was exhibited at an RHS show in 1949 by the gardens at Borde Hill and received an Award of Merit.
Unfortunately there is also a selection of N. bowdenii called 'Stefanie' with which it could be confused. They are both pink, though the tone is different. 'Stephanie' is a warm rich "sarniensis" pink which I am trying not to decribe as salmon. 'Stefanie' is a bright synthetic pink much loved by cabaret artists and the manufacturers of cleaning products. If you have both plants in front of you, they are easy to distinguish. If you have a single plant and nothing but this description then you are in trouble.
'Stephanie' has almost regular flowers, 'Stefanie' is zygomorphic (the lower two petals are more widely spaced than the others).