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Ranunculus ficaria 'Aurantiacus'

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9th December 2004

A plant that probably originates from E.A.Bowles, though he may have obtained it from Kew, who in turn may have obtained it from Miss Alethea Robson, who found it near Windsor in 1932. I keep this name as well as 'Cupreus' - they are usually judged to be the same thing , but my plants seem to be marginally different.

It is a magnificently coloured plant, and one of the first to flower at the start of the year, although it is hardly at its best on a grey day in February. A month later, with the sun on it, the colour is radiant. For a long time this was the only orange form about, but recently breeders have been introducing others to great effect.

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26th March 2005

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