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Ranunculus ficaria 'Martin Gibbs Progeny'

9th March 2005

In 1996 Martin Cragg-Barber found a yellow leaved Lesser Celandine in the ground of Sheldon Manor in Wiltshire. The golden leaves were stable for a couple of years, it got called 'Martin Gibbs', and then it burst into a mass of variegated shoots. Golden leaves flecked with green and with a red brown mark at the base of the leaf. Hence 'Martin Gibbs Progeny' were born.

My plant has been a truly fantastic yellowish rosette supporting camouflaged shining yellow flowers. It has been both stable and vigorous, though the progeny have been rumoured to be unstable. Without doubt one of the best of the variegated forms that I have grown.

10th April 2005

Curious dark brown reverses to the petals make the emerging buds look very odd among the yellow leaves.

25th January 2006

3rd April 2006

24th February 2008

12th December 2009

21st March 2010