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Trevesia palmata

17th July 2009

One of my favourite Araliads. Unfortunately it is not very cold hardy, so it lives in the conservatory, with occasional short breaks outside for photography. If I manage to root a cutting, then I will eventually try it outside, but I wouldn't expect it to survive for long.
In the meantime, I will enjoy it in the conservatory, and hope that it can be 'managed' clear of the roof.

23rd May 2010

It is a southeast Asian species. It is not a large growing tree - the general concensus is that it will not get much larger than 30 feet (my conservatory stops at 11ft). I have tried cutting it back in the hope that it will branch but it is determined - I still only have a single shoot.

23rd October 2013

It finally became time to pluck up courage and cut it down. I gave the cut trunk to a friend who chopped it into sections and rooted all of them, so now I have one of them back to grow on. The decapitated stump is now regrowing in the Agave house. If it survives there I may try another one in the garden.