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Abromeitiella brevifolia

Archive entry 03.06.12

12th May 2007

A lovely little prickly cushion from Argentina. Who would believe that such a compact little tuft could prickle the hands so effectively. It is hardy here, but it has to be dry dry dry. Eventually forms large mounds of hard foliage, but it can die out in patches if it gets too stressed.

14th September 2007

Produces the most wonderful deep green flowers. It only produces them a few at a time but they are worth waiting for.

27th June 2010

When I first grew it I would split and divide it regularly, and it will produce new rosettes at an astonishing rate if it gets a chance, so I rapidly had more than I could cope with. In the end I planted them all together in a giant pan and they grew together into a great rounded cushion. Quite wonderful, if I had ever managed to get the whole cushion to flower at once it would have been outstanding, but I only managed a few at a time. In the end it got too big to manage and started to die off in patches, so I took a few rosettes from the side, and allowed the rest to die off.

1st March 2015

A chunk has been planted in the Agave house where it is in full sun but very dry. The clump is spreading across the rocks and the older sections die off which is an authentic appearance in habitat but I'm not sure I like the look in the garden.