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Acanthus mollis 'Hollard's Gold'

18th December 2011

Acanthus mollis has a long history in herbaceous borders. It is almost impossible to dig out so once established it will remain in place, wanted or not. In recent years a number of new selections have appeared, this one came from New Zealand and the gold tinged leaves are distinctive. The colour is strongest during the autumn and winter. It drifts towards pale green during the summer and in a hot year the plant becomes dormant and the foliage gets rather tatty.
I don't get a lot of hot summers here, but I do get occasional tattiness.

6th August 2015

'Hollard's Gold' was raised in New Zealand and I have been watching it with, eyes filled with cynicism, expecting it to collapse and fail. New Zealand is (at least in my imagination) drier, warmer and brighter than the UK. I think I was wrong, it seems to be strong and the only consolation for my frustrated pessimism is that the flower spikes are a touch ordinary.
In brief, it's a good thing!

1st December 2016