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Acer palmatum 'Hogyoku'

Archive entry 05.08.07

4th June 2006

A vigorous green tree with sturdy green foliage.

2nd August 2007

Excellent red-orange autumn color . The bright leaves have lasted well on the bush, possibly because of their generally stout construction.

3rd August 2007

During the week, I resolved to start writing content for all the pages online that I haven't yet finished (ha ha). So I started at the top of the index, and immediately stumbled over Acer palmatum, and realised that I had nothing to say at all. I didn't even have decent photographs. Rather than sit around in the sunny evening trying to cobble together meaningless descriptions of the various cultivars (which if I'm honest, I only grow because they were very cheap) I went out and took some new pictures. In the process I saw in the distance, the distinctive colour of approaching autumn, the light and the leaves acting like a curious seasonal telescope, warning of the distant battleships of winter fluttering their leafy banners of war. (It is a bit like Foot and Mouth of the metaphor, a bloody linguistic cull!)