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Acer pseudoplatanus 'Brilliantissimum'

Archive entry 02.05.06

1st May 2006

This gorgeous little dwarf fills me with joy during april and may. The bright pale luminous leaves are a wonder unlike any other, and by june, the tree is as dull as ditchwater, with leaves of an equally unique unpleasant green. I love it, I hate it. By october it is just a pile of sticks, and I can rest my emotions for the year.

19th April 2007

I keep it in a pot in the shade, because in full sun it can develop the strangest yellow tints.

20th April 2008

It is a tree with a short window of spectacular beauty. As you can see, for the last three years I have photographed it at the end of April. Astonishing peach leaves, just starting to develop green tints along the veins.

17th April 2009

The first flush of growth is brilliant red, before it fades through salmon to yellow green.

24th April 2011

Poor old tree really needs me to find a space for it in the garden, at the moment I am more concerned with taking out trees that are no longer needed but the plan is to give myself space for all the new things that have to go in.

9th May 2015

It has now been planted out and although it is suffering a bit in the sun, it should eventually grow more vigorously.