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Acis autumnalis 'Cobb's Variety'

Archive entry 04.08.13

8th October 2010

There is never enough time to properly unfold the mystery of a name. I bought this little scrap of green, perfumed with the promise of the unknown, from Bob Brown at Cotswold Garden Flowers.
I am enjoying all of these small Acis at the moment (I planted 50 bulbs of 'Gravetye Giant' this spring, so I suppose I am enjoying the larger Leucojum as well). I saw this one and knew I had to have it. It is supposed to have flowers up to twice the size of the typical form, but it hasn't flowered here (I'm writing this almost a year after I took the picture) and I still only have leaves for my trouble. I can only find a single picture of the flower online and the scale is difficult to determine. Perhaps the bud looks longer and more slender than my other forms.
I don't know who Cobb was, if there is time I will check through my own library and see what I can find. I feel an affinity for anybody who cared enough to select a special form of the species.

26th August 2012

Flowers at last. They aren't distinct enough to inspire rapturous prose, but I think they are more strongly stained with reddish brown at the base. They aren't any larger as far as I can tell (without resorting to dissection and measurement) but they hang with a weary air making the flower bell look longer and narrower.

13th September 2014