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Acis autumnalis var oporanthum

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6th September 2009

An early flowering variety of the species from North Africa that is distinguished by its slightly toothed petals. When I took this picture I had only just bought it, and it didn't flower this year, so it has been potted on for next autumn.

8th September 2010

I bought this at a flower show because I was drifting along in the heady stepefaction that comes with shopping for plants when the sun is shining and there is a cafe with steam coming from the windows and the promise of coffee. I have enjoyed the accidental arrival of Acis autumnalis so much that I was well disposed to find some additional varieties.
I saw this on a stand, and I had no idea how it differed from the typical form. I looked at the label quizically, looked into the face of the stallholder and we both smiled at the recognition of a shared ignorance. Even without the promise of coffee in the distance, it would have been a nice moment.
Naturally it came home with me. How could I possibly resist the seduction of the unknown.
It has flowered just as wonderfully and reliably as the typical form, and as well as the slightly toothed petals it is supposed to have a distinctive curve in the base of the scape. On a large bulb it would be a small difference, on a tiny bulb it is minute! So I looked into it a bit deeper and there was a sense of inevitability about discovering that they are no longer treated as distinct.
Well, I'm going to keep them distinct for the moment here. Not for any good reason really. Sometimes you have a personal history that is hard to let go of, even if there is no firm evidence to hold on to.

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