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Acmena smithii

30th October 2011

A large Australian tree that grows along the eastern coast from central Queensland down to Victoria. It was originally described in 1789 as Eugenia smithii. Acmena is a temporary 'holding' genus - it looks like the plant has now been moved to Syzygium.
I was given a rooted cutting in spring and it has grown as fast as you might expect from a forest tree. There is almost no chance that it will be hardy here, and it is unlikely to survive even in the greenhouse. It's growing too fast to keep it on a windowsill for long, but I'm going to give it a try.
I didn't know any of that when I was given it.

11th February 2014

Planted out in the Agave house (home to all marginal possibilities in recent years) it has grown well and been cut back to keep it within bounds. It might be possible to prune it into a shrub, or clip it into a bun. It has rooted easily from cuttings so it will be tried in the garden in a sheltered place.
For a strange, vigorous evergreen it has been quite wonderful.