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Aconitum carmichaelii 'Kelmscott Variety'

Archive entry 15.09.13
Archive entry 20.09.15

11th October 2012

A selection with lavender blue flowers through the height of summer. I bought it in the spring as part of my accidental exploration of the genus.

13th September 2015

It has been a stunning beauty in the garden, all blue and dark and sinister and enthusiastic. It is making a fat clump in the middle of the herbaceous border and manages to make an impact among the dying stems and detritus of autumn.
Raised by J. Barker of Kelmscott near Ipswich in the days when people still grew Aconitum seedlings with roaring glee for the pleasure of the unexpected. It has survived decades of fleeting fashion, rising every year to crown the summer with azure splendour (or possibly it has killed all of its detractors).

12th October 2016