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Actinidia x deliciosa

7th November 2008

I have a couple of plants in the garden - possibly I only have one now, because I gave the second a good scaring when I built the Hedychium house (in which case I have lost my female plant, which I think was 'Bruno'). This is either 'Abbott' or the male 'Tomuri', I have forgotten which, but the details may emerge from the mulch of time, or more practically, I may find the label again! This one has been cut down repeatedly - it reaches up into an Alder, where I am happy to have it, but in the process it trails neck high ropes across the path and eventually I get fed up with ducking under it and cut it all down.

22nd May 2009

3rd June 2011

This one also needs cutting down repeatedly. As you probably can't see, it is slowly consuming a Hedychium house with the aid of Berberis thunbergii 'Auricoma' which is spiny enough to to keep me at bay until the situation becomes intolerable.

23rd May 2014

From time to time I neglect the plant and it sends a branch through the window into the Hedychium house, and those are the only branches that ever flower.