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Aeschynanthus buxifolius

7th October 2015

I have an old fascination with Aeschynanthus and indeed all of the tropical gesneriads so I am mildly astonished to discover that there are a few species that are cold hardy. So astonished that I haven't yet dared try them outside but they propagate rather easily so it isn't a question of having spare material. It is a matter of believing the impossible.
This is the best of them in my experience, vigorous with dense foliage and large bright scarlet flowers produced throughout the summer. The trailing stems root where they touch the ground.
My plant comes from a collection made by Keith Rushforth in Vietnam under the number KR7798. It is not the only Vietnamese collection in cultivation. I briefly grew (didn't grow would be more accurate) cuttings of a plant from China that had thinner stems and finer growth. It was also said to have purple-blue flowers but since I am not sure it ever grew roots, I am not surprised that it never flowered.

9th September 2016