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Aesculus indica

Archive entry 05.06.11

3rd May 2008

Many years ago I bought a handful of year old seedlings of Aesculus indica, and I gave a number away, but finally I was left with two rather fatigued young plants that were trying to burst out of their pots, so they got planted out in the top of the garden. They are now getting established, producing pretty new foliage and standing up well to the wind. Wind tolerance is a useful attribute up there - during the winter three large Leyland cypress were blown down, and the first one to go smashed a chunk off one of the Aesculus as it went. On the plus side, there is a lot more space for it to grow into now!

3rd May 2008

This pale spring foliage looks delicate, but seems to withstand all that the wind can throw at it, so I hope it will eventually make a windbreak in its own right.

3rd June 2011

It has taken a few years, but it has finally started to flower. It is now rather too tall to get a decent photo and too far up the garden for me to carry a ladder and get a better look.

9th May 2015

Both plants are now young trees and looking back over the years, it seems that the first week of May is their best moment. The salmon foliage and bright red petioles are striking, even from below.