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Agapanthus 'Finnline'

15th July 2007

I have a small number of Agapanthus around the place - they would prefer a lot more sun than the site here affords. Recently, I have been more interested in the smaller cultivars. This is a newish one with white flowers and very thin white stripes in the leaves.

28th June 2009

29th June 2011

The white flowers are freely produced but rather insubstantial.

18th July 2014

It is a slow growing cultivar raised by Ian Duncan in New Zealand that arose in micropropagation as a variegated sport of A. praecox. First introduced in 2002 it is being dropped from commercial lists because it is slow growing. It is reported to be sterile, which is a significant consideration for growers in New Zealand, where Agapanthus have the potential to be invasive weeds.