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Ageratum petiolatum

24th October 2015

I was sold this as a hardy perennial Ageratum - who could resist?
This was the 'strange' sensation of 2015 - only time will tell if it remains popular with nurseries in 2016.
The species comes from Central America where it is recorded from Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica and as far north as Mexico. I was a little dubious about its hardiness - brand new hardy perennials are rarer than hen's teeth - but it seemed worth a try. I have it in the greenhouse where it has flowered throughout the winter. On occasion the leaves have looked a little stressed but it doesn't seem to have been damaged much. The next step will be to try one outside. I doubt that the top growth will survive but there is a chance that it will regrow from the rootstock.
So far I am cautiously optimistic.

22nd November 2016