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Agave geminiflora

1st July 2008

An attractive species with long flexible leaves (but they still have a dangerous spine on the end). Grows only in a very small area in the Mexican state of Nayarit but seedlings are now becoming available. This is partly because of its beauty, but mostly because it tends to flower and die without leaving offsets, so seed is collected and grown!

13th February 2009

I had hoped that it would be as tough as A.filifera, but some sharp frosts through the winter have killed the centre of the plant and by April it was dead.

5th March 2011

I thought it was worth a second try and this time I have planted it in expanded clay granules to see if really free drainage helped.

28th August 2015

There was a time when all roads led to Rome and with similar inevitability, all Agave end up in the Agave house. It is happier with a free root run than it ever was in a pot.