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Agave parryi 'Cream Spike'

1st March 2015

A distinctive form of A. parryi with a white marginal variegation. Thanks to the wonders of micropropagation it has become available in large numbers. There are a number of names floating around, many of them Japanese. As far as I can trace the story, Rick Nowakowski from Natures Curiosity Shop in the USA imported the plant from Japan some time in the late 1980's, as A.patonii 'Variegata'. It spread around slowly. In the absence of a valid name, San Marcos Growers named it 'Cream Spike' and that seems to be the best for now. It is quite possible that a valid Japanese cultivar name will eventually surface and also quite possible that western growers will ignore it when it does.
I thought the cold would finish it off but it has been tougher than expected though it has taken some damage. Suckers freely.