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Agave salmiana

14th September 2013

Agave salmiana is a large species frequently grown in Mexico to produce the fermented liquor pulque. It offsets freely and there are cultivated strains grown on a commercial scale, all mixed with wild plants. As a result, the taxonomy is a little vague, but they are all good large plants. I am very familiar with a plant that has been identified as A. salmiana var. ferox which is a popular and magnificent occupant of coastal gardens to the south of me.
When I was offered a seedling of (probably) the type variety I though "why not". Well, it is a very large, spiny and unmanageable plant and there are several other good reasons. Still, sometimes you just say, why not!
This is a baby, I can have several years of self delusion before I am forced to face-up to a monsterous mistake. By that time I may be old and rich enough to delegate the task to someone else. (It could happen!)