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Agave stricta 'Rubra'

24th February 2008

As it gets older, it makes a magnificent head of long thin leaves. In this form they can be brownish, but this one is staying determinedly blue-green (which is actually prettier). (Thanks again Steve).
I used to have a rather nice large one,and I am now in a position to confirm that it isn't particularly cold hardy!

1st March 2015

I keep hoping that I am keeping it dry enough to develop the red colour, but it is staying blue-green. They are variable when raised from seed and I should really raise a lot from a selection of sources and keep the best, but who has time for that? A reasonable compromise is to keep my eyes open as I visit nurseries and hope I can grab a good one somewhere. This one will stay, but it would be nice to have a red-brown one beside it, sniggering in a superior way.