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Albizia julibrissin 'Rosea'

31st August 2008

Many years ago I tried to grow this here, convinced that it was mild enough for it to prosper, but it didn't, so I put the idea on the back-burner and moved on.
Just recently I have heard good reports of its performance in other parts of the country, so I am going to try again, and I bought this seedling ready to plant out next year (if I can find a sunny location to suit it).

Summer 1982

And it gives me an excuse to show this picture, which I took in (what was then) Yugoslavia in 1982. It is a great little tree. It may still need a warmer summer to flower effectively in the UK.

26th July 2009

The plant had grown stronger during the year, but still not been planted out - I'm looking for a sunny slope in the garden where it will reap the maximum benefit from the summer sun, but I keep erecting greenhouses on suitable sites!

8th September 2015

Well, I think I will have to face the fact that it isn't going outside. It is thriving in the Agave house, but rapidly outgrows the space. Cutting it to the ground gives me a couple of years while it regrows, and the foliage is wonderful for a while. I doubt I will ever see flowers.

20th October 2016