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Albuca aurea

9th July 2011

Albuca is one of those genera that pad out bulb collections without anybody really adoring them which is a pity because there are some lovely species. Unfortunately there are also some unspeakable weeds among their number so every unknown species is spiced with risk (not emergency services risk, just disconcerting peril for the potterer among bulbs).
I have seen A.aurea grown in alpine houses so I know it holds no fears for a reasonably stouthearted fellow. A couple of years ago I bought a bulb and after a two seasons of dull leaves and a rather droopy attitude to life it has flowered.
The species comes from the southwestern Cape Province and this unsatisfactory picture is the best of the dozen or so I took.

4th June 2016

In a large tub it has grown taller and divided to make a small clump.