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Allium cristophii

Archive entry 30.06.13
Archive entry 22.06.14

9th July 2011

A common species, I bought a few bulbs to try among the Hellebores with the idea that they would cheer the border up once the the main display was over. I'm still convinced that it should work but I need a lot more Alliums and a lot more weed control. I'm not convinced it will be worth it, so I will wait to see if these few bulbs are still producing flowers in a couple of years time.

28th June 2014

The years have passed and the number of flowers has slowly reduced. I think if I want to make a feature of them I am going to have to plant them in a raised bed in full sun. It's a fun thing that flowers over a long season so it would be worth it, if I had a raised bed or full sun!