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Allium schoenoprasum

21st August 2015

I love Chives!
Like all the best things it started in childhood. My mother grew them when we moved to a house with a garden large enough to contain children and vegetables without conflict. I'm not sure how she viewed the Chives. At the time I felt I was being shown something familiar but when I look back, it was probably her first experience of them as well. I don't think she knew what to do with them, but felt that whatever it was it had to be done. Eventually they arrived on a plate, snipped with scissors over the top of a salad. Years later I added Thyme and Marjoram to the garden but they were a step too far into unfamiliarity and I don't think they were ever used for anything.
I was delighted when I added some Chives to the garden here, a delicious tuft of nostalgia and an excuse to laugh about the innocence of the past. It would be nice to say that they lasted well, but they didn't. However, they were delicious.
I love Chives!