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Aloe arborescens

1st March 2015

The recent run of bad winters did a lot of damage to my fledgeling collection of Aloe. To be honest, it was never much of a collection more a donation of Aloe. People will insist on giving them to me. I'm happy enough about it, but it isn't really me behind it all.
During the massacre of winters I watched calmly as they turned to black smelly mush. I promised myself that Aloe had been done as well as done for.
I was wrong. Before I had even swept up the black slush a generous donation of seedlings appeared with a visitor. They were quite small, and I have grown them on since 2013 so they have become familiar and I have started to view them fondly. Aloe arborescens was one of them. It has never been hardy for long here in a cold greenhouse so here it is, just starting to look good and facing an uncertain future with perky bravado.