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Alocasia odora

31st July 2005

I think this is Alocasia odora. There are a number of very similar forms. This survives a slight frost, however a clear night in midwinter will cause a hard radiation frost which will damage the leaves. A sheet of newspaper or fleece over the top will protect it. Last year I froze its leaves on one occasion, and it looked rather droopy for a month, but ultimately it recovered.

I bought in a 10cm pot as a house plant from a local garden centre.

11th August 2006

Because I am a little uncertain of the identification of my large plant, I bought this little one to compare it with (when it gets large enough!)
This is a young plant out of tissue culture.

14th September 2007

It has grown steadily through the year, confirming my opinion that this is the toughest species I grow.

12th September 2006

It survives well through the winter, which gives it plenty of time to grow magnificently through the summer.

27th July 2008

The appearance of flowers this year has confirmed that the plant is prospering - though that was fairly evident anyway!

27th July 2008

1st August 2009

The main trunk was set back by the cold winter, though it has started to grow away now. I need to keep it warmer and growing in the winter.