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Amorphophallus albus

Archive entry 31.07.11

11th August 2008

All of the Amorphophallus have an attraction about them, but the majority are tropical, and get rather peevish in cold weather. This one comes from China and is proving to be fairly hardy in the USA. The rhizomatous growth is also unusual, and there is a possibility that it will make a good herbaceous plant for the garden.
I got mine from Bob Brown at Cotswold Garden Flowers and although I have only had it for a few month it has continued in leaf so I hope the rootstock has been growing stronger at the same time.

28th June 2009

It has increased substantially through the year, and I have tried a small division to see how obliging it is going to be. I am a bit worried that it will sulk if the tubers are disturbed.

30th July 2011