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Anthyllis vulneraria var. coccinea

18th April 2016

Kidney Vetch is a common wild flower growing and in dry sunny places throughout the UK, but especially above cliffs and on stabilised sand around the coast. On the coast to the north of me (and almost everywhere else) it occurs in a range of colours from white (I have never seen a pure white, but I have heard reports) through yellow and orange to red.
Alpine gardeners have siezed on the red forms, which are delightful, and grow them as "var. coccinea" which is overstating its significance to my mind, but there you go.
Vigorous, easily grown from seed, sprawling. Flowers freely.
I am growing it because I have a new alpine house and in the few weeks following construction I had an urge to grow things in there and bought a lot of vigorous things I haven't had since I was an alpine baby. Far too vigorous, I should probably throw it out or plant it somewhere harmless and forget about it. Instead I am growing it under cover, confined to a pot and wishing I had more space in my new alpine house. I am enjoying it, knowing that its days are numbered.