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Anemone blanda

28th April 2006

Anemne blanda is a wonderful small species, now produced in large quantities for the bulb trade. I often buy the bulbs to grow in pots, and then plant them around the garden. Many of them find locations that suit them, and then they start to spread. To my mind, the best of them are the deep blues, but they also accur in pale blue, white , pale pink and 'Radar', which is more of a punch in the face than a colour.

25th March 2006

This is a very pale blue, which I liked for a while, and then planted out when I got bored with it.

25th March 2006

Does best in a drier and sunnier location than suits Anemone nemorosa. The little black knobbly rhizomes need to be soaked in water for 24 hours before they are planted, or they are not reliable.

17th March 2007

Over the years I forget where I have planted them, and get a surprise when they pop up unexpectedly. It is difficult to imagine circumstances in which it would be unwelcome.

15th April 2012