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Anemone coronaria 'Hollandia'

Archive entry 06.06.10
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6th June 2010

I bought a few tubers of this spectacular form because I hadn't grown any for many years. There are a few strains available in selected colours. I find this scarlet the most exciting to grow, the buds appear out of the ground throughout spring and burst into these astonishing flowers that shine in the sun. Most of the tubers I bought were planted among the roots of the daylilies and they add a blaze of scarlet among the newly emerged daylily leaves.
The species is abundant in Israel and Jordan and grows in populations of mixed colours, from white through pinks and scarlet to lilac and purple. It is grown as a commercial cut flower in much of Europe and has been selected for larger flowers, often with extra petals. The single flowered De Caen strain was developed in France and 'Hollandia' is a selection from it although nowadays it also includes somne double forms.