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Anemone nemorosa 'Bracteata'

4th April 2007

Everyone agrees that this is a very old variety, so at least we can all start off from a point of agreement. There may, however, be several very similar clones circulation under the same name (which is perfectly permissable). This one came from Avon Bulbs, and it seems to me that it is a tidier grower with more organised flowers. Clusius seems to have been the first to describe it in print (1601). He probably received it in 1591, from a wood in Belgium as the story goes.

15th April 2007

This one came to me from Ad Hoc Plants. It is more vigorous, looser and more wayward.
The form of the flowers is very variable, and the occasional flower is deeply stained with purple.

20th April 2008

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