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Anemone nemorosa 'Cedric's Pink'

21st April 2006

There are a large number of these pinks, and for my money they are all entirely interchangeable. If people knew the varieties that had already been named, they wouldn't name any more. Sadly, that it wishful thinking on my part - there will be more!

27th March 2007

These forms all start out white, and as the individual flowers age, they develop pinkish tinges,and then become pink.

8th April 2007

By the time the flower is on its last legs, it has become this curious purple pink. I think people see these colours at the end of the season, and introduce the plant thinking that the young flowers will look the same. They are mistaken. None of these forms are pretty. There are some good clear pinks that open an attractive pink, and remain that way. This is not among them.

4th April 2015