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Anemone pavonina

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24th April 2011

Anemone pavonina is a plant from the northern side of the Mediterranean occurring from France through to Turkey. Colour varies from pale pink and lilac to bright scarlet. It needs to be dryish at the root during summer and is working well (in a very few places) in meadows, where the grass roots keep the soil dry.
I started with three plants that I put at the south edge of the woodland where the sun could reach them but the tree roots kept the soil dry. It worked well in cultural terms but provided insufficient protection from rabbits. I had assumed that an Anemone would be distasteful to them, but I was wrong (or perhaps my rabbits are especially stupid).
I am having another try in a raised bed where they are a bit less accessible but I am still having to use wire netting to protect the leaves as they emerge in late winter.
This is one of the original plants in the woodland, hanging on but not really prospering.

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