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Anemone x hybrida 'Queen Charlotte'

Archive entry 30.09.12

21st October 2011

This year sees the return of an old friend (although I have some plants in the Hellebore border that I planted without a name, but which may well be this). I first planted it in 1980 in a previous garden on yellow clay where it prospered in a very gentle and moderate way. It doesn't really like waterlogged roots or thick cold clay but they mean it was both lovely and restrained.
E.A.Bowles (who had lived about 20 miles from that garden though several decades earlier) had a better behaved soil and a less well behaved Anemone as a consequence. He wrote, "It has taken posession of rather more of the lower shaded portion of the rock garden than I desired, but it is so lovely that I cannot bring myself to root any of it out until I can find a corner where I may make a fresh planting".
The garden restoration at Myddleton House continues and last time I was there the lower shaded portion of the rock garden had been rebuilt and replanted. I don't remember seeing the Anemone but perhaps it will be returned.
I finally added it to this garden last year and it is as delightful as I remember.
Raised by Wilhelm Pfitzer in Germany in 1889 (properly 'Konigin Charlotte'), it received an Award of Merit from the RHS in 1902.

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