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Araucaria bidwillii

16th January 2016

There are a surprising number of Monkey-Puzzles, they are all stylish and if they were hardy they would all be collectable. Unfortunately most of them are just out of reach in the climate of the British Isles. It doesn't stop people yearning for them. It doesn't stop nurseries growing them but it does limit their success. This one came from a nursery that had over-estimated the possibility for sales and it was handed to me looking rather tired with a smile that looked very like relief.
It comes from Queensland, most famous as the home of the Australian rain-forest but it is a large state and in the south eastern corner there is a little part that is dry-ish and moderate. It produces an occasional Leptospermum that can be grown in the UK. I am trying a Eucalyptus and there are other plants that might be tough enough to survive here. Who knows, the Araucaria may be among them. And pigs might fly!
However, though pigs may not easily become airborne in this case they are going to be given a damn good chance to try.
At present I have it in a large pot in the greenhouse and when I have had enough of that, out it will go. Here piggy piggy piggy!