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Aristolochia fimbriata

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9th September 2016

It may not be immediately obvious, but I'm on a bit of an Aristolochia "thing" at the moment. A couple of years ago I saw a few unusual species planted out at Kew and although they get nice warm summers, I get nice warm winters. Suddenly I was hooked.
I had been admiring this species in a friends greenhouse when suddenly seed turned up on the Hardy Plant Society's seed list. Too good a chance to miss, and I am delighted to discover that it will grow to flowering size in the first year (though I have had it in a closed tunnel where it is almost always warm and humid).
The species comes from Brazil, Paraguay, Uraguay, Bolivia and Argentina so I hope it will be hardy enough to survive, at least under cover. It retires to a tuber in winter and so I am hoping it will withstand a degree or two of frost. The white veined leaves are attractive even without the fringed flower (I only got one)!

11th July 2019