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Aristolochia x kewensis

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1st August 2009

Every now and then I run into a plant that I just have to try, and this one came into that category, despite a rather frightening price tag (but I had just celebrated a birthday, and that is the best excuse I can come up with). A hybrid between A.brasiliensis and A.trilobata, it has grown rapidly,and flowered almost no-stop through summer and autumn. As I write this (in January) it is still flowering in the conservatory. I doubt it will be at all hardy, but I have a small plant out in the greenhouse, just to make sure (and if it survives this winter, it would be pretty hardy)!

28th August 2011

28th July 2016

Astonishingly it survived well in the Agave house. The only problem it experiences is the drought up there just as it is growing. As a result it tends to be rather short but it still flowers.