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Arisaema flavum

A very curious species which grows well in the sun. The strange little hooded flowers are produced reliably in any good soil. Sooner or later one of the 'bodice-ripper' authors will write 'Sex lives of the Arisaemas' and we will all get a shock.

The majority of the species have enormously complicated sexual arrangements however this little species will settle down to producing viable seeds by having sex with itself. I am internationally renowned for my tact and discretion, so I must decline to offer any chapter titles!

16th June 2006

I have a lot of pictures from 2007 as well, but I can't improve on these!

16th June 2006

25th June 2006

12th September 2006

These seeds have gone on to produce a pot full of seedlings in 2007. It would be nice to think that I will prick them out next year, and have hundreds for the garden, but I will probably end up just putting them in a bigger pot!

20th June 2010