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Arum maculatum 'Painted Lady'

Archive entry 13.03.06

Our native Lords and Ladies is a charming plant, filling spring hedgerows with fresh green foliage. The extravagant inflorescences are among the largest produced by a British native plant, and yet manage to pass almost un-noticed during the spring because of their subtle green and purple colours.

There is very little chance of this bright variegated form passing un-noticed, under any circumstances. The cream and yellow splashed leaves are all unique, and although the flowers are rather overshadowed by the foliage effect, they are also variegated.
Arum maculatum is one of my favourite under appreciated flowers of spring, along with Petasites fragrans, so it is wonderful to have a form that refuses to go unseen.

6th May 2006

6th May 2006

10th March 2013

4th June 2016

I should have expected variegated seed heads, but these were a surprise when they first appeared. I am waiting to see if I get variegated seedlings (aroids are all a bit strange like that).

27th March 2019