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Asplenium 'Maori Princess'

9th December 2012

In New Zealand Asplenium bulbiferum and A.oblongifolium produce natural hybrids. This one came from Mrs Shallcras of Nelson, New Zealand. She gave a plant to Chris Goudey who introduced it to the trade around 1988.
It makes a large plant that seems to be hardier than A.bulbiferum. I was given it by a friend in Penzance who is able to grow it outside, something I have yet to try.

24th October 2015

It is a spectacularly beautiful fern, but the slugs love it. They seem to be more fond of it than they are of Hosta. In the greenhouse I have to keep it off the ground and surround it with slug pellets, and I still lose occasional fronds. Easily propagated from the bulbils that form on the older leaves, the next spare one I have is going outside.